About Us

The Judifarm brand was founded in 1987 as a company specializing in dermatology. Over the years, the company has also acquired experience and expertise in gynecology, pediatrics, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, becoming a point of reference among companies in the sector nationwide. Now in its second generation, Judifarm has grown both in production, increasing its product range, and specializing in Pharma & Aesthetic Research.

Judifarm’s sales channels are pharmacies, aware of the authority and safety that the company’s products deserve. For the dissemination of its products, the company makes use of highly specialized medical-scientific representatives. Judifarm is now an important and authoritative reference always able to offer functional and innovative products for the treatment and prevention of dermatological problems.

The reputation it has achieved translates into reliability, when the products are recommended by the medical profession to solve their patients’ problems. An exciting, but also deserved result, which derives from the passion and professional experience of a brand manufacturing its products with care, attention and sustainability, having the customer and their problems at the core.

The goal is to always satisfy the needs of customers, and to increase its authority in the sector of national and international pharma cosmetics.