udifarm pays the utmost attention to children’s dermatological issues. For this reason, the company has specialized in the creation of pediatric formulas, capable of representing specific and authoritative support for mothers and their children. We pay the utmost attention to the safety of the preparation and to the rigor of formulas.

Acne, dryness of the skin, sensitive and reactive skin, dermatitis, Our pediatric products are safe, controlled and certified. They fully reflect our philosophy “For the well- being of the child, always”. This is why Judifarm is the most adequate and concrete answer to the problems of children and mothers.


Oziderm Cream 50 ml – 200 ml: Shooting anti-inflammatory
for sensitive and reactive skin. Micronized zinc oxide technology, clinically proven to relieve irritation and itch. Appropriate for adults, children and babies, gentle enough for everyday use.

Oziderm Plus 50 ml – 200 ml: Natural cortisone with omega 3-6- 9. Free of side effects is appropriate for long-lasting treatment of inflammation and other symptoms related to certain skin conditions (e.g. minor rashes caused by eczema, insect bites, soaps, detergents).
Oziderm Powder 75g: Skin adsorbent for exudative areas and skin folds. Micronized zinc oxide to relieve irritation and itch. Tea tree oil with antifungal and antibacterial effect. Appropriate for adults, children and babies. The powder is safe for infants.
Oziderm Cleanser 200 ml: Natural antibacterial based on tea tree oil. Suited for frequent handwashing and sanitizing, appropriate for who is allergic to common cleanser.
Deterol Shower Oil 200 ml: Innovative formula of a cleansing oil for sensitive and reactive skin. It cleanses by affinity not by contrast. Appropriate for adults, children and babies, gentle enough for everyday use.
Vevis Oil 20 ml: Natural skin repairer based on precious oils and vitamin E. Thanks to its fast and intense healing effect it gives immediate relief. Suitable in any case of healing process. It is also appropriate for oral care (mouth ulcers, canker sores). Much appreciated by pediatricians to ease teething pain, few drops of the product make the babies more comfortable reducing immediately the soreness.

Senofil: Food supplement in veggie capsules with high dose of Boswellia Serrata. Natural anti-inflammatory used for the treatment of mastodynia, gynecomastia, rheumatic diseases. It is also used ad natural remedy against period cramps and as remedy against post-surgery pain.

Genital Cream 30 ml: Intimate cream against itching, mycosis, and inflammation. Appropriate for adults, children and babies.

Genital Cleanser 200 ml: Delicate intimate cleanser with pH 4.5, stabilizes the vaginal ecosystem. Appropriate for adults, children and babies.

Aladex Perle: Food suppelment. Perilla oil and vitamin E in softgels capsule. Natural antihistamine, it lowers the levels of immunoglobulin E in the blood that trigger the release of histamine, thus causing hay fever, hives, asthma and other allergic disorders.

Dierre Idratation Oil 125 ml: Spray oil with no gas and no alcohol. It hydrates the skin and does not make it oily. It nourishes and illuminates. Also indicated for the treatment of cutaneous xerosis.

Novolatte Cleanser 150 ml: Delicate make-up remover and
face cleanser for sensitive skin. This cleanser dissolves and removes oil- based impurities such as make-up and sebum, recovering the skin’s clarity while protecting its reserves of moisture.