Specialized Aesthetics

Those who have been using Aesthetic Research products for years can testify that, in addition to the health of the skin, the brand’s goal is to always keep it beautiful and elastic, while also providing aesthetic appeal. Enjoying healthy and well-groomed skin is every person’s desire. The Aesthetic line products offer daily or periodic treatments, guaranteeing visible and constant results over time.

A few simple rules to keep the skin healthy and pleasant: correct nutrition, regular physical exercise and the choice of functional cosmetics. Judifarm products respond to all these needs, accompanying the customer in this path of beauty and protection, also thanks to the constant commitment of our Research and Development department, who are able to create modern, innovative and current formulations, while maintaining our naturalistic traditions.


Eufiller Gold 50 ml:
Skin repair. Anti-aging over 50. Rich in filagrinol modulates the production of profilaggrin and thus filaggrin, with a key role in the final keratinization process. It’s effective screen from UVA and UVB lights.

Eufiller Cream 50 ml:
Skin tightening effect. It contains hyaluronic acid microspheres. Through a nanometer technology, we achieve to have a low molecular weight microspeheres which penetrate the epidermis, increasing their initial volume by 30 times to lessen the appearance of wrinkles around eyes and mouth.

Eufiller Viper Serum 30 ml:
Luxurious and Revitalizing Lifting Effect, reduces wrinkles with immediate effect. The polypeptide contained in the viper poison creates a neuromuscular blockade rebuilding and rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck.

Eufiller Snail Slime Serum 30 ml:
Genesis effect. Pure and concentrated snail slime. The serum is enriched by hyaluronic acid and other antioxidants. It helps reducing skin blemishes as acne, wrinkles, marks and scars. Ideal night use, particularly suitable for the most demanding skin types who need elasticity, firmness and moisturization.
Eufiller Beauty Supplement: High effectiveness of marine collagen and pure hyaluronic acid in powder solution make the product appropriate to improve skin health, relieve joint pain, strengthen hair and nails.

Eufiller Body Cream 200 ml:
Total body cream. Firms elasticizes and drains. It is used for treatment and prevention of cellulite, skin relaxation and stretch marks.